A quick word about how to worship from a distance.

A note about this Online Service: Worshipping online like this will probably be awkward. It will be challenging. It won't feel the same or look exactly the same. But it will allow us to gather as God's people to worship Him and receive His Grace and Mercy!

With that in mind I want to encourage you to do a couple of things to make the most of this way of worship...

  1. Set aside a special time where you are dedicated to worship. Don't just multitask your way through this.
  2. Say a prayer before your time of worship that God would use this time through the Holy Spirit to strengthen and encourage your faith in Jesus.
  3. Participate don't just listen! Worship is something we do together. In your homes, this may be awkward and uncomfortable, but remember when we gather together we speak the liturgy together, we pray our prayers together, we sing together, and we hear God's Word together. So in your homes try to do the same thing! Pray. Sing. Speak. Hear. Yes, at first it will be odd. It will be a little confusing. But we can do this together.
  4. Remember that this is the Lord's time and He promises to be with us! Hold fast to His Word and promises because they are for you!
  5. As a final encouragement, PLEASE share the link to our online worship service with others as an opportunity for them to join us in worship!
  6. If you wish to download the bulletin (and announcements and prayer sheet for weekend services), click here.

The Third Week after Pentecost

June 21, 2020



Note: To make this video easy to read and follow along with, try to make the video full screen on your phone, tablet or TV.

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2. You can give online. You can go to our website.
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Serving in God's House Today:

Preacher: Rev. Karl Koeppen
Liturgist: Rev. Michael Hanel
Organist: Nadine Engel
Worship Service: Rev. Karl Koeppen
Audio/Video Production: Rev. Michael Hanel
Audio Production/Editing: Matt Callan



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