The primary responsibility of the Board of Lay Ministry is to be concerned with the spiritual welfare of the congregation and pastors. As part of their duties, the Lay Ministers exercise general supervision relative to everything pertaining to worship and the church office. Part of the worship responsibilities includes assisting with communion distribution.

Regular worship attendance is a critical part of our spiritual lives. To assist the Board of Lay Ministry in encouraging members to worship regularly, members and visitors are asked to sign an Attendance Card each time they attend worship and communion. Each member of the Board of Lay Ministry is assigned an alphabetical section of the congregation as to which he has particular responsibility for its’ spiritual welfare. These areas of responsibility are as follows:

Art Schumacher
Adams - Bryant

Steve Plotezka
Buchs - Dumire

Dennis Mueller
Dyche - Hagler

John Giertz
Hale - Kesteloot

Greg Deck
Kibbons - Meyer

Bill Hasenjaeger
Mietzner - Pigusch

Bob Carruthers
Piwoni - Schell

Brent Eden
Schierholz - Tomasik

Ken Taube
Tomblin - Zufall

At the weekend worship services on the second Sunday of each month, a different member of the Board of Lay Ministry will be introduced to the congregation at the services so that you can get to know them a little better. The respective Lay Minister will attend all of that weekend’s worship services and be available after the service to greet you. The goal is to establish a closer relationship between the Lay Minister and the members for whom that Lay Minister is responsible.

  • Assimilation: Sylvia Stone
  • Christian Day School: Nancy Eden
  • Evangelism: Mike Ruble
  • Human Care: Nancy Campbell, Liz Deck
  • Lay Ministry: Greg Deck
  • Parish Education: Diana Dyche, Renee Brammer
  • Parish Fellowship: Lynda Koeppen, Elizabeth Kubal
  • Small Groups: 
  • Stewardship: Tom Stirnaman
  • Trustees: Jessica Green